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Support for survivors

The litigation process can be a form of closure for victims of abuse, but the process itself can bring back sad and painful memories which may have been locked away for years and years. Many abuse victims find the litigation process therapeutic in itself, but we always try to refer to a counselling service if an individual is finding it particularly difficult. Support is out there and there are a range of support networks and places that we would recommend. 

Survivor's poems

Some of our clients find that poetry can be a valuable part of the healing process. It can be a creative way for someone to express their inner emotions, and also helps the reader to understand what the writer is experiencing in difficult times.


We encourage our clients to put pen to paper as a way of ventilating powerful feelings and to alleviate stress.


If you are survivor and would like to make a contribution to the survivors’ poetry page, please contact us. You can choose to publish under a pseudonym if you wish. 

I Was That Child

by 'Josephine' 

I was that child whose innocence was taken 
And like all the others was left forsaken. 
I was that child on whom people turned their backs 
And left us to the devices of the Keith Laveracks. 

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