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Funding your claim

Funding a legal claim is a very complex area. We will be able to give you more detailed advice when you make an appointment to see us and we can consider your individual circumstances. We will recommend whichever method is best suited to you. 

Finding the finances to fund a claim can seem a bit daunting at first, but you should never let this put you off pursuing a claim. We do not charge anything for an introductory chat to establish how strong your case is and what sort of funding you will need, so please do give us a call if you think you have a case.

'No win no fee'


A Conditional Fee Agreement ('No win no fee') is an arrangement between a claimant and Andrew Grove & Co. whereby we fund the costs of bringing the claim and then re-claim our costs from the Defendant, the paying party, if the claim is successful.


At the initial meeting we will assess the risks and make a decision as whether your claim is suitable to be funded in this way. If your claim has good prospects then we are willing to bear the costs we have incurred until they can be recovered from the Defendant. 


If we are succcessful, then any shortfall in the amount of costs recovered from the Defendant and the costs paid by us is paid from your award of damages so you do not need to pay any money 'up front'. We are confident that we can achieve a good result for you so in the unlikely event that we are unsuccessful then we will not ask you to pay any of our fees. 


The majority of claims we take on are funded through this method because the financial risk on the claimant is minimal, making it a preferred method of funding for most.

'After the Event'
Legal Expenses Insurance

This type of insurance covers both our costs of bringing the claim and the Defendant's costs in the event that the matter is unsuccessful. It is only available at the discretion of the relevant insurance company who will make a considered assessment of the risks involved before deciding whether or not to offer cover. 

Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority

The CICA is a government funded scheme which seeks to grant compensation to victims of crime. It might be that your abuser was a family member or family friend and without the means to pay compensation for your suffering. In this case it might be appropriate to make a claim to the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority. A hearing is not necessary and decisions are made based on paper applications only unless there is an appeal. 


 The CICA can make awards where someone has suffered injury as a result of an act of violence. Given the nature of our work, we have specialised experience in obtaining awards for victims of sexual or physical abuse. Legal costs cannot be recovered from the government, but we can offer our services to you by charging 25% of the award that we get for you.


There are a number of things to bear in mind before considering whether to make a claim to the CICA:

  • It is necessary to make a complaint to the police as soon as possible after the offence. 

  • Normally there is a two year time limit on making a claim, but exceptions can be made. For example the CICA may take into account that the victim has suffered psychological injury which means that they were not mentally ready to make a claim. This would have to be proven with evidence. 

  • Usually, but not always, the perpetrator would have to be convicted of the offence. 

  • CICA awards can be reduced if an applicant has a criminal record. 

Please contact us for a free initial consultation and we will discuss with you whether an application to the CICA should be made.

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