Making a Claim


After the first step of making contact, we arrange a meeting with our client in order to introduce ourselves, our firm and to outline the process in detail.


We then take a civil witness statement and this could require a few meetings and telephone calls depending on the exact circumstances of the case. We apply to various authorities for records held on each client in order to assist us in proving each claim. This could include social care files, education records, medical records and employment records. By law these authorities have 40 days to provide a response to a request we make but in many cases this could take longer. 


After considering your records we will then notify the Defendant (for example, the school or Local Authority) of our intent to pursue your claim and they will then be given time to investigate. After that, the progress of your claim is very much dependant on how the Defendant responds.  


We provide all clients with regular  newsletters  to update them on the progress of their claim and of course, we are always available to help with particular concerns.