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More Victims of Abuse at Royal Liberty School in Romford Join Class Action

More victims and survivors of abuse at The Royal Liberty School in Romford during the 80s and 90s have joined the class action against the London Borough of Havering Council. 


Following the conviction in May 2022 of paedophile teacher Michael Quinlan, who taught at the school from 1982 to 2003 when he was suspended and arrested, the number of claimants has risen from five to 12. 


However, solicitor Katherine Yates from Andrew Grove & Co Solicitors, which is acting on behalf of the group in the civil case, says there are undoubtedly more out there. 


“Quinlan was abusing pupils at Royal Liberty School for over 20 years,” explained Katherine. 


“We now act for 12 people who were abused by him, and we have been told of many more people who were inappropriately touched by him.  The touching appears to have happened in his office, in the showers, in the swimming pool and during trampolining sessions. 


“Various letters before action have now been sent to the school advising them that legal proceedings are likely to follow in due course and further letters of claim will be sent as the group grows.” 


He was found guilty in 2004 of sexual offences at the school and served 15 months in prison after being accused of various sexual offences including making boys swim naked and rubbing sun cream on a boy’s bare bottom.  


On 25th May 2022, he appeared again at Snaresbrook Crown Court charged with three counts of indecent assault on a boy under the age of 14 and two counts of indecent assault on Andre Tyndall who was aged 11 at the time of the offences.  


The 73-year-old was found guilty of all the charges bar one count of indecent assault on Andre Tyndall. He received a 22-month suspended sentence and was placed on the sex offenders’ register for life.   


Andre has agreed to waive his anonymity as he was determined to expose the level of Quinlan’s offending and encourage other victims to come forward.  Andre is also convinced that there are many more victims of Quinlan who have still not spoken out. 


Andre said: “I know it is not easy to speak out, especially when you’ve been silent for so many years, but from personal experience, it is quite therapeutic to be able to tell the world what Quinlan did to me when I was a child unable to defend myself.” 


Katherine said the stories that have come out since Andre decided to bravely speak out about the abuse he endured have been shocking.  


“One of the statements we have taken involves the parents of a child who refused to go to school because he was terrified of Quinlan’s perverted activities,” she said. 


“The school took the parents to court because of their son’s non-attendance and to this day they have criminal records because they refused to send their child to a school with an active paedophile teaching there.  Where is the justice for those parents? 


“Another parent has recently come forward to explain how their child was traumatised by having to swim naked with Mr Quinlan in the school pool.   


“The parent complained to the school’s headmaster about the upset caused to her son.  The headmaster dismissed her complaints with an airy “Oh, skinny dipping? Is he still doing that?”. The parent felt she had no choice but to remove her child from the school.” 


Katherine Yates added: “There is still time to join the civil lawsuit. We are here to get justice for all those who were assaulted by Quinlan. All claims are being funded on a no-win, no-fee basis so there’s no cost involved to claimants.   


“If you have any information that could add to the picture of Quinlan’s abusive behaviour whilst at the school, please make contact because you will be helping not only former pupils who were abused by him but also in some cases their parents.”  


Solicitors with conduct are Katherine Yates and Charlotte Denley and both can be contacted for further information at 01223 367133 or 07810 224545 or by email at or  

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