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A letter from Andrew

Dear Survivor, 

My partner Katherine Yates and I have been dealing with the survivors of childhood sexual abuse and mistreatment in children's homes and schools for many years now. This area of law has become the most important specialism of our company.


I know how difficult it is to pick up the telephone and make that all important first contact with a Solicitor. I write to you via the internet to describe our firm and the services we offer to abuse survivors. I also wish to reassure you that if you make contact with either myself, Katherine or any of our staff, you will be dealt with sympathetically and sensitively. 

I am aware that many abuse survivors have a preference as to whether they wish to deal with a male or female Solicitor. You will notice on the about us page that both Katherine and I have our own e-mail addresses and your choice of either male or female lawyer to take your disclosure statement will be respected. A meeting can take place at this office, your home or in a 'neutral' setting such as a coffee bar or park – wherever you feel most comfortable. We have clients across the U.K. and abroad and all cases are progressed professionally and efficiently, wherever you happen to be based. 


I realise that you will have many questions before you make a decision as to whether you wish to pursue a claim or not. I will try to answer some of those unasked questions on our web site. If I have not answered your question then please e-mail your query to me and I will do my best to be of assistance. 

I hope that this letter and the web site is of help to you. 

Please take the next step by telephoning, writing or e-mailing, either myself or Katherine. We will be very happy to talk to you. 

With best wishes,

Andrew Grove 

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