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Carmel College

Carmel College was a Jewish Boarding School located at Mongewell Park and open from 1948 to 1997. It was a private and fee paying school, and affectionately referred to as ‘The Jewish Eton.’ It was the only Jewish Boarding School known in Europe.


Trevor Bolton, a former house master and French tutor at the school was found guilty of 25 counts of sex offences against former pupils. He was sentenced to 19 years imprisonment. 

Andrew Grove & Co. acted for seven former pupils of Carmel College, and have one case ongoing. 

Please contact us for further information or if you were a victim and would like to seek advice.

Further Information:

Jewish News, 14th February 2018 : - 'Composer compensated over sexual abuse at Carmel College'

BBC News,23rd October 2015 : - 'Carmel College sex abuse: Boarding school teacher jailed for 19 years'
Telegraph, 17th February 2018 : - 'How 40-year-old lost documents led to sex abuse payout'
The Jewish Chronicle, 22nd October 2015 : - 'Trevor Bolton - the "kindly father figure" who preyed on boys at Carmel College'
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