Carmel College, Wallingford, Oxfordshire

(Trevor Bolton)


Carmel College was a Jewish Boarding School located at Mongewell Park and open from 1948 to 1997. It was a private and fee paying school, and affectionately referred to as ‘The Jewish Eton.’ It was the only Jewish Boarding School known in Europe.


Trevor Bolton, a former house master and French tutor at the school was found guilty of 25 counts of sex offences against former pupils. He was sentenced to 19 years’ imprisonment. 


Andrew Grove and Co act for 7 former pupils of Carmel College, of which 5 have reached settlement. 

Please email Andrew Grove or contact the office for further information or if you were a victim and would like to seek advice.


Further Information:

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BBC News,23rd October 2015 : - 'Carmel College sex abuse: Boarding school teacher jailed for 19 years'
Telegraph, 17th February 2018 : - 'How 40-year-old lost documents led to sex abuse payout'
The Jewish Chronicle, 22nd October 2015 : - 'Trevor Bolton - the "kindly father figure" who preyed on boys at Carmel College'




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