Here is what our clients have to say...


(Pseudonyms have been used to protect anonymity)



Phil, a Claimant in the Stowmarket Group Litigation

"I'd just like to say a big thank you to your team for everything you've done for me so far. It has at times been harrowing, and very painful, but i believe that I may be able to properly deal with some issues now, and finally lay them to rest for good. I know we are not out of the woods yet by any means, and still have some difficult times ahead, but i know with you guys behind me i can 'walk the walk' and move on. To those of you reading this that are going through your own personal battles, be strong, keep the faith, believe in yourself and trust these guys."


Josephine, who attended Midfield Observation and Assessment Centre, Oakington, Cambridge 

"I wrote the poem also on this website called 'I was that Child'. I know what it is like to keep something "bad" to yourself for years, thinking that your life will fall apart if you tell anyone about your "guilty" past. I finally told my secret when my abuser, Keith Laverack, was arrested and convicted. It took 18 months of patient, sympathetic and caring telephone calls from Andrew Grove before I felt able to tell. When I was ready Katherine Yates visited me at my home and I finally told my story. I did not have to attend Court and I received help, support and compensation for the abuse. I did it. So can you. Tell someone. There are people waiting to help you". 



David, who attended Kneesworth House School, Royston, Hertfordshire 

"Although it took a long time for me to pluck up the courage to make the first contact with Andrew Grove and Co I am glad I did. Their whole operation seems to be built around helping survivors of abuse. There is always someone to talk to and Andrew encourages everyone to communicate either by e-mail, telephone, visits to the office or by writing poems and stories for the Newsletter. I had counselling while I waited for my case to be settled and, after keeping everything to myself for too many long years I now finally feel free of my past. I don't feel guilty anymore. The abuser is guilty, not me. It wasn't my fault." 


Lizzie, who boarded at Banham Marshalls College, Banham Norfolk 

"I wrote my civil statement for my claim and it was the story of my life. I had kept my story in my head since I was a child and I never felt that I would be able to tell anyone. It was my deep, dark, secret, hidden away in the back of my mind and sometimes drawing silent tears in the middle of the night. Most of the time during the day I would not think about it, but then something would happen and "trigger" the sad memories and the pain was as real and the wounds as deep as they were all those years ago when it happened. How could I tell anyone? It was such a sad story, who would want to listen to it? Now I have written it down and I feel better. If I can do it so can you." 


Robbie: Oakwood School for Boys, Stowmarket 

"I was supposed to be safe at Oakwood. It was a residential school for "children with problems". I wasn't safe. I was abused and mistreated and shouted at as if I had no feelings and didn't count. I had no voice as a child and there was no one to tell. Now I am an adult and I am telling my story so that vulnerable children in care today might be safer than I was. I am glad I have told."