Stowmarket School Concert Band


We represented 9 Claimants in a group action against Suffolk County Council. All were victims of music teacher and brass band leader Derek Cable. Mr Cable was convicted of 10 offences of indecent assault and 8 offences of gross indecency against 5 boys. In September 2003 he was jailed for 4 years. 


This group action has now concluded with Claimants receiving compensation totalling £210,000. 


Derek Cable has since been charged with further offences of indecent assaults that took place an individual in the 1970’s. The trial took place in November 2014 and he was found guilty and sentenced to a further 5 years imprisonment. 


We would like to hear from any victims or witnesses who have yet to come forward, so please contact us if you have any further information. 


Further information: 


BBC News, 28th April 2014 : - ‘Stowmarket teacher Derek Cable denies child sex offences’


Ipswich Star, 27th January 2014 : - ‘Stowmarket: Lifelong struggle of bandleader and teacher Derek Cable’s child abuse victims’


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BBC News, 17th September 2003 : - ‘Band founder jailed for sex assaults’


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