St Leonard's Children's Home


Falling under Tower Hamlets Council, St Leonard’s Children’s Home was open from 1965 to 1984.


Former employees William Starling, Alan Prescott and Haydn Davies were all subject to criminal investigation. Starling was sentenced to 14 years in prison after being found guilty of sexual abuse offences. Prescott, a former magistrate and Labour councillor, was also sentenced to 2 years for similar offences. Criminal proceedings were dropped against Davies.


We are currently acting for an individual who attended St Leonards.


Please contact Andrew Grove for further information or if you were a victim and would like to seek advice.


Further Information:


‘Against All Odds’ Autobiography of Paul Connolly, who grew up at St Leonard’s Children’s Home.

Available here:


The Guardian, 9th October 2001 : - ‘Former councillor jailed for sex abuse’ 



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