Oxley Parker School


Oxley Parker was a residential establishment for boys located in Colchester, Essex. The school was open from 1972 until it closed suddenly in 1998.


Andrew Grove and Co Solicitors acted for over 130 former pupils who make complaints of physical, emotional, and in some cases sexual abuse during their time at the school. 


One former staff member Jonathan Bridgewater, who was convicted of numerous sexual offences against former pupils of the school in the early 1990s and sentenced to over 10 years' imprisonment. Our investigations also involve other staff members of the school. 

Compensation Scheme launched 


A scheme was proposed by the former owners of Oxley Parker School, the Eastern Counties Educational Trust, which aimed to compensate any former pupils who suffered sexual, physical or emotional abuse at the School.  Many pupils were placed at the school by Essex County Council. After extensive negotiations the scheme went live on 1st June 2018. The scheme was supposed to close on 31st May 2020 and was extended for a further 3 months until 31st August 2020.  Andrew Grove and Co Solicitors, is a firm specialising in claims for historical child abuse and have been preparing applications for compensation under the Scheme.

Many former pupils were reasonably compensated under the  scheme. However the firm also considered that there were those who, despite our best efforts, would not have been reasonably compensated if they took part in the scheme. For those that could not have been suitably compensated under the scheme, Andrew Grove and Co sought compensation though the traditional route of issuing Court proceedings.  Proceedings were issued in September 2018 and were transferred to the High Court in London. The claims have since resolved. 


If you were a former pupil at Oxley Parker School who has not been compensated, please contact us for advice.  Claims for compensation are still possible but we strongly recommend you contact us as soon as possible. 


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