We publish newsletters in our group actions at least every quarter and sometimes more regularly, depending on the amount of news and information to be circulated. The Newsletters were developed specifically to enable us to communicate with clients who were the survivors of abuse in Cambridgeshire's children's homes, but they have now progressed to being publications that are also circulated to survivors from other boarding schools and children's homes.


Our mailing list also includes members of the press, counsellors, psychologists and other interested parties. We feature poems and stories written by our claimants which are published under a pseudonym and, as well as keeping readers up to date with the latest developments in litigation, we feel they help to lessen the feelings of isolation and alienation, sometimes experienced by abuse claimants.


Once claimants have completed their civil statements containing details of the injuries suffered and the circumstances in which the abuse took place, we can arrange contact with other survivors if requested. Where claimants live too far away from the office to attend meetings, then contact is maintained by way of telephone, correspondence, circulation of the newsletters, email and this web site. We always welcome contributions to the newsletters from our survivors, whether a poem, creative story writing or other items that might be of interest to our readers.


Here is some further information on newsletters we have previously published: 

  • The first edition of the Cambridge Survivors Newsletter was published in August 1998, reaching its 26th issue.

  • The Ellindon Survivors Newsletter had its first edition published in July 2004, reaching it's 13th and final edition in 2008.

  • The first edition of the Old Rectory/Banham Marshalls College newsletter was published in, and they are still being published. 

  • The Oakwood School Survivors newsletters was first published in August 2011. 17 editions were published over a 5 year period. 


If you would like any previous editions of any newsletters, or are on our mailing list and would like to make a contribution to any upcoming editions, please contact us.