Elmbridge Boarding School

Elmbridge Boarding School was a school exclusively for boys, located near Fyfield in Essex. It was previously known as 'Fyfield Boarding School' until it changed its name to Elmbridge in 1980. 

We have received a number of complaints from former pupils of Elmbridge. The complaints are of physical and psychological abuse, as well as allegations of sexual abuse. The allegations range from the 1980's to early 1990's.  

We are aware that a former music teacher at Elmbridge named John Stagg was later convicted of sexual abuse offences against children at a school in Birmingham. Our investigations also concern other members of staff. 

Another criminal investigation was undertaken by Essex Police in 2016 when complaints were received from former pupils of Elmbridge. In December 2016 a decision was taken to charge John Stagg but he was found dead at his home before this could take place.  

We would be interested to hear from any former pupils, or anyone who has information about Elmbridge. Please contact Katherine Yates.


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